Sports Massage Treatment

During your first visit for Remedial and Sports Massage treatment there will be time set aside for a brief medical and general information consultation, followed where necessary by a postural assessment, looking in particular at the severity, intensity and nature of the condition/s. It depends on the individual’s symptoms and case history as to how long this takes but generally about 10-15 minutes. During this initial appointment I will also assess specific movements and special diagnostic tests in an attempt to recreate your symptoms, allowing me to highlight which structures are involved.  From this I will be able to formulate a treatment plan and work with you to effect a positive change.

Soft-tissue (i.e. muscle, ligament, fascia and tendon) injuries may not be resolved within one treatment, it may take a number of appointments for the injury to be resolved. I may also provide you with exercises to be completed at home, which will further supplement the treatment you will receive from me.

Many clients ask ‘How many treatments will I need?’ Everyone responds differently and it is difficult to answer as there are so many factors that will affect your recovery i.e. age, general health, extent of the trauma, time that the condition has been present, whether it is a compensatory condition, how prepared you are do carry out suggested exercises, etc.

Whilst Holistic Massage is primarily a relaxing treatment, the more effective treatment for your condition may be Sports Massage (Remedial Massage) as it is a more specific remedial treatment aimed at treating injuries.  Sports Massage is also good for easing tension that has built up in the muscles by remaining immobile for long periods of time in a job that is sedentary.

I have experience in treating various conditions including back pain, neck and shoulder tension or pain, tennis elbow, hip pain, knee pain and many other muscular-skeletal aches and pains. I also have vast experience in helping sporting enthusiasts of all standards continue to enjoy their favourite sport whether they play for fun or regularly take part in competitive sporting events. However, you do not have to be active in sports to receive sports and remedial massage. No matter what we do we all suffer injuries, aches and pains and I may be able to help you.

To book your treatment session with Russ Cassidy, sports massage and deep tissue massage therapist, call on 07709 509713, or book online. Alternatively you can send a message.