Shiatsu Massage Elsa Suzanne Krifdom


Shiatsu Massage Elsa Suzanne Krifdom

Elsa Suzanne Krifdom


Worthing, West Sussex

Elsa spends her life in Yoga (BWY Dip 1991) and Shiatsu (ESS Dip 1996) in order to connect with others and enable their journey in life to be as comfortable in body mind and spirit as they can make it.

A motorcycle accident started the journey for Elsa which has also ventured into Tai Chi, QiGong, Equine Shiatsu and Aromatherapy. Elsa has also spent 13 years working in a hospital setting as a Pharmacy Technician which has served to keep her well informed as to the Western approach to health, although Elsa’s main way of understanding the nature of things is the 5 Element model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Having experienced such influences Elsa enjoys bringing the principles together to teach classes in Free-form Energy Flow Work – an individual exploration into moving the body for personal benefit, which changes from day to day and evolves, deepening one’s appreciation of self.

The practice of Shiatsu is on a one-to-one basis, most often lying on a futon on the floor, although it can take place on a couch. ‘Shiatsu’, from the Japanese, literally means ‘finger pressure’ and employs the points used in acupuncture as well as the meridians (energy channels) that run throughout the body. It is a hands-on therapy done through comfortable clothing, like tracksuit trousers and (preferably) a long-sleeved t-shirt. Elsa’s approach is gentle, investigative and supportive. Some sessions may be quiet, and others might include more talking. The way the energy moves dictates which techniques and pressure is used and all aspects allow relaxation at the required level leading to balance and the optimal internal environment for self-healing to take place.

Based at Worthing Leisure Centre

To book a session or more information please contact me:

phone: 01903 246030
text: 07892 893795

“I have found my sessions to be very relaxing, enjoyable and calming.” ‘G’ from Worthing

“I am now so much more relaxed, less anxious and more in tune with my own body.” ‘D’ from Thursley, Surrey.